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Nov 11 2021

Northern Europe Operational Update Weeks 43/44 2021

In Latvia, the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup Latvia recently hosted Exercise "BALTIC WARRIOR", an endurance training exercise that brought together participants from eFP Battlegroups stationed throughout the Baltic Region. Each team carried a 15 kg pack as they completed a 13.7 km march, a 2 km canoe portage, an 11 km canoe paddle and an additional 3.2 km march. The aim was for the military personnel to demonstrate their physical and mental robustness. 158 teams from across NATO successfully completed the challenge
_nato4 eFP Battlegroup Latvia recently participated in the 2021 rendition of the "Noble Skywave" High Frequency (HF) competition. Noble Skywave is an international competition created in 2013 by the Communications Electronics branch of the Canadian Armed Forces. It brings together highly skilled civilian and military HF radio operators from around the world. The Battlegroup placed 6th in the 0 to 150 Watt category and 19th overall. The team was made up of Canadian, Latvian, Polish and Slovakian soldiers, and was coordinated by the eFP Battlegroup Signals Platoon. The furthest location the team reached was over 13,000 km away, in Australia.

Elbląg, Poland - In the Headquarters of the Multinational Division North East (MND-NE), the Battle Staff Training "Amber Bridge 21-3" came to an end. Together with MND-NE personnel, soldiers from the Czech Republic, Lithuanian and Polish Brigades participated in the training. It was the third in a series of Amber Bridge exercises that began in February this year, with the objective of fostering collaboration, improving mutual understanding and ensuring the smooth operation of the Headquarters within the NATO chain of command.


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