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We are better, faster and leaner

Brunssum, the Netherlands - STEADFAST COBALT 21 was NATO’s largest Communications and Information System exercise, conducted by the NATO Communications and Information System Group from 12 April until 30 April 2021.  This annual exercise allows components and units contributing to NATO Response Force missions to verify and validate their Communications and Information System capability in support of NRF missions.

Readiness and Speed

Our units could rely on graduated Steadfast Cobalt teams to bring a ‘plug and play’ capability to force readiness. They took Deployable NATO network standards, and new defense requirements to enable joining units to configure their networks in order to communicate between each other”, mentions Colonel James Hamilton, Exercise Director.

STEADFAST COBALT 21 was necessary to improve readiness and increase speed. “This exercise verified, validated and enhanced the interoperability under a federated environment of the deployable and static communication network”, emphasizes Colonel Murat Ozkilic, Deputy Exercise Director.

Clear Message: “We can and we show that we can!”

The key messages are clear: “NATO is agile enough to virtually plan, exercise and execute mobile cyber units to support any Area of Responsibility. As such, we can create and maintain NATO interoperability within NRF units and NATO. We can and we show that we can!”, Hamilton concludes.

Shoulder to shoulder both Colonels agree: "WE ARE BETTER, FASTER AND LEANER."

Story by Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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