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Jul 28 2022

Marching to Success in Nijmegen

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Friday 22 July the flag of Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) flew high in the hands of the headquarters' Allied International Marching Team (AIMT).  With newly-earned medals on their chests they proudly marched through the streets of Nijmegen completing the 2022 4 days march, the so-called 'Walk of the World.'


Preparation for this event started in April when AIMT members started training. Some would say that the preparation is harder than the 4 days march itself as not everyone makes it through the training!

By the beginning of July the JFCBS AIMT had two teams, of 12 marchers each, ready to confront the challenge. As it turned out mother nature was not on their side as day one of the marches was cancelled due to the excessive heat. But that did not dampen the spirits of AIMT members who walked across the iconic bridge, that is the symbol of the marches, as they set out on day one.

Day two started with a Wakeup call at 0300hrs. With feet taped, well-worn combat boots and 10kg+ back packs put on, the teams set off to conquer the day of Wijchen - also known as Pink Wednesday - energized by the towns people this day was a walk in the park.


Day three brought the teams closer together with a wakeup call of 0230hrs to enjoy a nice cool morning walk alongside rivers. But then the rain came and stayed with the teams as they commenced walking up and down the seven hills of Groesbeek.

Day four brought the best weather; cloud cover and a cool breeze accompanied the teams as set out to join up with the JFCBS pipe and drum band that was waiting to escort them down the Via Gladiola.


Taking part in the Nijmegen marches is a unique experience that serves to bond participants together, establish life-long friendships and expose those taking part to the wonderful Netherlands culture. Amongst other things the marches promote values of determination, teamwork and friendship – values that NATO holds dear.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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