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Jun 24 2022

Northern Europe Operational Update Weeks 24/25 2022

In the Atlantic, the annual NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE took place in the Greenland-Iceland-UK (GIUK) Gap. This strategically important area of sea is a critical bottleneck for submarines transiting between the Arctic and the North Atlantic, where Anti-Submarine Warfare skills are critical for Allied navies.

Led by Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) in the UK, the exercise provided all participants with complex and challenging training serials to demonstrate and enhance further their world-class abilities in Anti-Submarine (ASW) and Anti-Surface (ASuW) warfare.

Ships, submarines and Maritime Patrol Aircraft from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the UK and the U.S. took part, with logistical support provided by Iceland.


In the Baltic Sea, 47 ships, 89 aircraft and over 7,000 personnel from 16 NATO Allies and Partners took part in the 51st annual Baltic Operations exercise (BALTOPS 22).

The exercise, led by the U.S. Sixth Fleet and commanded by Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), is the premier maritime-focused exercise in the Baltic Sea Region. The exercise serves to demonstrate that NATO is committed to protecting Allies and Partners' shared values, and stands ready to defend all Allies if called upon.

This year's edition coincided with the 500th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Navy and, in honour of this, the capital city Stockholm was chosen as the location for the start of the Exercise.

In Latvia, military units from multiple NATO nations took part in Exercise KNIGHT SWIFT, a land exercise organised by Multinational Division (North) as part of their summer exercise programme.

Based in Adazi, Latvia, the mission of MND-N is to plan and integrate the activities of NATO units deployed in the region as part of NATO's enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroups.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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