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Aug 19 2022

Northern Europe Operational Update Weeks 32 / 33 2022

In Estonia: From 26-28 July, French soldiers conducted survival training in remote parts of northern Estonia. During the survival course, the soldiers serving with NATO's enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup (eFP) worked with their Estonian partners from Estonian 1st Infantry Brigade to hone the skills necessary to operate in the Baltic Sea environment.

In Lithuania: Troops from the Netherlands and the Czech Republic conducted live-fire exercises with both small arms and the Fennek light reconnaissance vehicle. Training together and learning from each other is an integral part of the daily life in NATO's eFP Battlegroups.


In Latvia: During Exercise Rampart Strike, soldiers of the enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Latvia worked together to train for many different types of military activity. These included infantry, armour, artillery, combat engineers, combat support, military police, logistics, medical and others, demonstrating the full spectrum of a NATO Battlegroup's military capabilities.


NOTE: Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO has significantly enhanced its presence in the eastern part of the Alliance, with eight multinational battlegroups in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The presence of these battlegroups, which are multinational by design, shows that NATO is ready and capable to defend the territory of any Alliance member.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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