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Jun 6 2023

A Landmark Visit: Finnish Chief of Defence Strengthens NATO Bonds at JFCBS

Brunssum, The Netherlands –Marking the first visit of a Finnish representative to Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) since the country officially joined NATO on April 4, General Timo Kivinen, the Chief of Defence of Finland, paid his first official visit to Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) on Monday, June 5. General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, Commander of JFCBS, warmly welcomed the Finnish representative, emphasizing Finlands transition from being NATO partner to full Ally.

This visit is a sign of the strong bond between all NATO allies, and it fills me with great pride

At the Welcome ceremony, held at the main entrance of JFCBS headquarters, General Miglietta expressed his delight at welcoming General Kivinen: "It is more than a pleasure for me to welcome you now, not only as a good and close NATO partner but as a proper, close Ally."


The subsequent discussions between the Finnish Chief of Defence and the leadership of JFCBS focused on exchanging insights and experiences, particularly with regards to Finland's future role within NATO. Given the escalating threats posed by Russia along NATO's eastern flank, the unique position of Finland as a former neutral country with a strong army and an approximately. 1,340-kilometer-long border with Russia came to the forefront.

General Kivinen reiterated Finland's commitment to NATO's collective defense, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and cooperation in the face of evolving security challenges. In doing so, he stressed that investing in greater security in NATO member states is also an investment in the future.

General Miglietta praised Finland's membership as a significant milestone for NATO. "Finland's accession to NATO reinforces the strength of our alliance and underscores our commitment to defending our shared values and security. With their strategic location and formidable armed forces, Finland brings a extremely high value to the NATO family. Your visit was crucial for JFCBS"


The visit ended with an emotional farewell. Standing in front of JFCBS Heqdquarters, General Miglietta presented General Kivinen the Finnish flag that was hoisted over JFCBS headquarters on the day of Finland's accession to NATO. General Kivinen expressed his gratitude, "This visit is a sign of the strong bond between all NATO allies, and it fills me with great pride."

General Kivinen´s visit reinforces the strong bond between Finland and the Alliance, while highlighting Finland's significant role in safeguarding NATO's eastern flank. Together, Finland and NATO stand united in the face of emerging threats, ensuring the security and stability of the Baltic Sea region.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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