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Nov 10 2023

Beneficial visit of Key NATO Partner - Ukraine

Brunssum, The Netherlands – After visits to NATO Headquarters and the Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Ukrainian cadets were hosted at Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), as part of the NATO Familiarisation Programme. They were welcomed by the JFCBS Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Jean-Pierre Perrin.
Heroism of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as the resolve of Ukrainian people, have impressed the whole world
“Cadets always represent the future of their Armed Forces, and you particularly, because Ukraine is at war and because you are among the very best, you are also in charge, at your level, of the future of your country” - said Lieutenant General Perrin.
_nato4 To build the knowledge of the future military leaders on how a multi-domain operational headquarters operates, the students from various Ukrainian National Universities, Military Academies and Institutes received comprehensive briefings about JFCBS’ tasks and responsibilities. As part of this, they also received a tour of the Joint All Domain Operations Centre (JADOC), the operational heart of the headquarters.
The students were also familiarised with the NATO – UKRAINE military partnership programme, which focusses on protecting common interests, stability and rules based on international order.
20231108-jb02-154d-014-hZiUI1During the visit, Lieutenant General Perrin addressed the future leaders, expressed his appreciation for people of Ukraine in the heroic defence of their nation, their land, and shared values. “Heroism of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as the resolve of Ukrainian people, have impressed the whole world. I have no doubt, that you will demonstrate the same level of professionalism and personal engagement to adapt yourself and your units to the continually evolving combat situation.” - Lieutenant General Perrin stated.20231108-jb02-154d-037-nAD8c2
Lieutenant General Perrin addressed that NATO will continue to support Ukraine as long as it takes, highlighting a clear vision for Ukraine’s future:
“Your visit today, a few weeks before joining tactical units is a powerful symbol that in the future Ukraine will become a NATO Ally and some of you could serve in one on NATO’s command structure HQs.”
The UKR Cadets NATO Familiarisation Programme is part of public diplomacy and engagement with partner countries and their military educational institutions.
It supports NATO and the Ukraine's military cooperation framework and Ukraine’s security and defence reforms and developments. The visits also highlights educational and training concepts used by NATO nations. The Programme also includes a SHAPE-led Staff Ride to historical battlefields in the area.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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