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Oct 25 2023

JFC Brunssum says goodbye to the departing Chief of Staff

Brunssum, The Netherlands – On 24th October, Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFCBS) conducted an official ceremony to bid farewell to the Chief of Staff (COS), Lieutenant General Krzysztof Król, Polish Army, while also welcoming his successor, Lieutenant General Jean-Pierre Perrin, French Army.

Today I am handing over my position to General Perrin. He knows that the staff is combat-ready

General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, JFCBS Commander, thanked Lieutenant General Król for his dedication and achievements during his tour at JFCBS, including maintaining the operational effectiveness of the staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Deterrence and Defense Concept implementation, and managing the challenges following the unprovoked and unlawful Russian invasion of Ukraine. JFCBS recently successfully completed the exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2023, the largest NATO Command Post Exercise in more than a decade. The Headquarters in Brunssum confirmed its capability and readiness to defend every inch of the Alliance against adversaries that challenge the sovereignty of NATO nations and our core values.


“In all this, you have always been a serious, responsible, determined and extremely professional Chief of Staff, who always put shared objectives before his personal needs, as a real Soldier does. I conclude by thanking you once again for the outstanding job you have done and I wish you every personal and professional success.”

At the same time, the Commander welcomed on board the new Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Jean-Pierre Perrin.

I am fully convinced that you will continue on the same path, providing us with the commitment we need to face the huge challenges that are in front of us. I am happy to have a serious and devoted soldier like you at my side and I am sure that you will guide the staff giving a great boost to our Headquarters.”img_8347-qTvGz2

During the ceremony, Lieutenant General Król expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Allied Joint Forces Command in Brunssum.

“This would not have been possible without the whole JFCBS team work and full contribution of all JFCBS team members, at all levels. Being your COS also has been a great honour and pleasure. Today I am handing over my position to General Perrin. He knows that the staff is combat-ready”

Lieutenant General Perrin served up to now as Chief of Staff at the Eurocorps in Strasbourg, France.

Today I am particularly happy, honoured and proud to join you all. This joy is also tinged with humility and gravity. Humility because I know how demanding the position of COS is. Gravity because Peace, Security and Stability are currently highly threatened.” – Lieutenant General Perrin addressed.


Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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