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Oct 19 2023

JFCBS host Information Evening for Brunssum Community

Brunssum, The Netherlands – On Wednesday the 18th of October, an information evening took place in the Brunssum Cultural Centre Brikke Oave. The theme of the evening was what NATO is doing in the Brunssum region. The evening included a documentary on JFCBS’s relations with the region, a short film on who we are and what we do, and a panel discussion with Brunssum mayor Wilma van der Rijt and Brigadier General Ronald Rietbergen, the highest-ranking Dutch officer at JFCBS.

The goal of this evening was to continue building bridges between JFCBS and the Brunssum community. Starting the evening off, the documentary delved into the historical journey of how JFCBS came to be located in Brunssum and how its role evolved. Having a gated base, many local residents may not understand what goes on inside the fence. Therefore, a short film was shown, highlighting the role JFCBS plays in protecting Allies’ territory, citizens and interests.

The highlight of the evening was the panel discussion in which over 170 Brunssum residents got the opportunity to ask questions to the Brunssum mayor and the Brigadier General. During the discussion that followed, a sense of community and mutual understanding started to foster between JFCBS and the local residents. JFCBS is eager to harness this positive momentum and further develop it to establish a flourishing, transparent bond that benefits both JFCBS and the Brunssum community.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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