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May 30 2023

Strengthening Ties: Chief of Swedish Joint Operations Meets NATO Command at JFCBS

Brunssum, The Netherlands – Within the scope of the well developed partnership between Sweden and NATO, the Chief of Swedish Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Carl-Johan Edström, visited the NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) today. The visit, marked by warm hospitality, showcased the growing cooperation between Sweden and the Alliance, with discussions focusing on further strengthening their collaboration in various strategic areas.
It was important to visit JFCBS today and exchange views with the commander and his staff
 Lieutenant General Edström was warmly welcomed by the Commander of JFCBS, General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, and was given the opportunity to meet with the entire staff, including key leadership figures and Generals of the Operational NATO Staff. This exchange provided a valuable platform for sharing experiences, perspectives, and insights on future plans for cooperation between Sweden and NATO. _nato4
Of particular significance during the discussions was Sweden's current role as a candidate country and its long-standing position as a close strategic partner of the Alliance. This status has fostered cooperation in essential areas over an extended period. Notably, Sweden already has two representatives working full-time at JFCBS, highlighting the depth of their engagement.

Recent joint endeavors further emphasize the importance of NATO's partnership with Sweden. One such example is the recently concluded exercise Aurora 23, where 11 NATO member states joined forces with Sweden. Remarkably, this exercise stands as the largest military drill conducted by the Swedish armed forces in 25 years. In addition, the ongoing Arctic Challenge 23 exercise, hosted by Sweden alongside Finland and Norway, involves 12 NATO countries. These joint exercises underscore the outstanding significance of the collaboration between NATO and Sweden.


At the conclusion of his visit to Brunssum, Lieutenant General Edström expressed his appreciation, stating, "It was important to visit JFCBS today and exchange views with the commander and his staff. With that knowledge, let's start working and get down to business." His remarks underscore the commitment to further deepen the cooperation and partnership between Sweden and NATO, emphasizing their shared objectives and mutual interests.

As NATO continues to deepen its ties with partner nations, Sweden's evolving role as a candidate country and close strategic partner provides a solid foundation for enduring collaboration. The visit of Lieutenant General Edström to JFCBS marks a significant milestone in this relationship, emphasizing the determination to work together and navigate future challenges, thus ensuring a safer and more secure world.


Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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