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Jun 12 2024

Estonian Deputy Chief of Defence Visits JFC Brunssum

Brunssum, The Netherlands – Brigadier General Andrus Merilo, Estonian Deputy Chief of Defence, was welcomed to HQ Joint Force Command Brunssum (HQ JFCBS), Wednesday, 12th June 2024, by Lieutenant General Luis Lanchares, Deputy Commander HQ JFCBS.
Estonia's strategic location makes it a pivotal player in NATO's defence strategy

Brigadier General Merilo is designated to assume the position of Estonian Chief of Defence on 1st July, 2024.

“Estonia's strategic location makes it a pivotal player in NATO's defence strategy. It is critical that we maintain a close, collaborative relationship with Estonia in today’s contested security environment,” said General Lanchares in his welcome address.

In the discussion, General Lanchares underscored Estonia's active role in reinforcement of NATO's collective defence initiative, which aims to deter aggression by deploying multinational battlegroups in Eastern Europe. “We at HQ JFC Brunssum are exceedingly thankful to Estonia and its Armed Forces for its vital role as host nation for one of NATO’s front-line Battle Groups.”

The general also received a series of briefings and updates on the tasks and responsibilities of JFC Brunssum as it relates to the various security threats and challenges the Alliance currently faces. In particular, the security situation in the Baltic Region was discussed in depth -- a focal point of NATO's strategic interests given the current geopolitical landscape on NATO’s Eastern Flank.

The visit highlighted the importance of international military cooperation and the role of Estonia in maintaining stability in Northern Europe.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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