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Jun 7 2024

Military Honours Awarded During Italian Republic Day Celebrations.

Brunssum, The Netherlands – On 05 June 2024, Headquarters Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) Commander, General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, presided over a ceremony to mark the 78th Anniversary of the Italian Republic Day at JFCBS.  

Known as the “Festa della Repubblica”, the recurrence is held in memory of the referendum on June 2nd 1946, which marked Italy’s transition from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Parliamentary Republic.

A traditional part of the day is for the presentation of awards to deserving civilian and military personnel, in recognition for exemplary work. This tradition continued with General Miglietta, presenting honours to current and former JFCBS personnel on behalf of Italian Chief of Defence, Admiral Cavo Dragone. 

Lieutenant General Luis Lanchares, JFCBS Deputy Commander, was awarded the “Decorazione d’Onore Interforze” for his exemplary leadership, unwavering commitment, and initiative. The citation highlighted “his professional competence and relevant cultural background, accumulated during his decades of service, were crucial in facilitating all aspects of command, through the turbulent waters of the historic planning and drafting phase of a new NATO Regional Defence Plans”

Lieutenant General Krzysztof Krόl, former Chief of Staff to JFCBS, was presented with the “Decorazione d’Onore Interforze” for exemplary leadership, commitment, and initiative during his time as Chief of Staff to JFCBS. The citation also highlighted his contributions to the creation of the Regional Defence Plans and noted “his brilliant spirit of initiative, competence, and sense of responsibility, combined with his remarkable measure of common sense, have supported his extraordinary leadership as Chief of Staff”

Colonel Paul McCaffery, Executive Officer to Deputy Commander JFCBS, was honoured with the “Decorazione d’Onore Interforze” for his commitment and dedication to supporting command activities during the crucial historical period of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The citation for the award highlighted Col. McCaffery’s “extraordinary organisational capacity, determination to face complex challenges, and his deep technical competence” noting that these attributes directly contributed to the successful planning of the new NATO Regional Defence Plans.

Colonel Beltran El Iman, Executive Officer to Lt Gen Krόl as Chief Of Staff JFCBS, was honoured with the “Decorazione d’Onore Interforze” for his commitment and dedication to supporting Commands activities. Alongside this, Col. El Iman’s leadership was also highlighted and the citation for the honour noted, “Colonel El Iman exemplifies praiseworthy initiative, impeccable efficiency, remarkable charisma and leadership skills, providing vital support to the Chief of Staff and the headquarters”.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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