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Mar 26 2020

Brunssum increases supervision of compliance to the (new) corona measures

As from Thursday 26 March, the municipality of Brunssum will be more visible in the streets of Brunssum. Five teams of two employees will check whether the new measures against the corona virus are being properly followed by Brunssums people. The 5 teams will be present daily in places where the health and safety of residents could be endangered.

The Townhall of Brunssum emphasizes that the people of Brunssum currently seem to be complying with the national measures very well. However, the municipality considers it important to send a signal that the restrictions in public space are mandatory and that people will be addressed in case of non-compliance, for their own and others safety.

The teams can be recognized by the special vests they are wearing.

Source: Geemente Brunssum https://www.brunssum.nl/inwoner

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