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Mar 25 2020

Dutch eFP Soldiers in Lithuania infected by the COVID-19 virus

Several Dutch soldiers from the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Lithuania are infected with COVID-19. The soldiers, who are serving at the barracks in Rukla, have been quarantined as a precaution. The NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup is now widely tested for the virus.

The ministry of Defence is taking in consideration which additional measures are needed, in close consultation with NATO and the Lithuanian authorities.

Last night, A C-130 Hercules of the Royal Dutch Air Force transported 5 soldiers back to the Netherlands. One of the soldiers is admitted to the University Medical Center in Utrecht. The others are now at home in isolation.

Around 110 military personnel from the Netherlands are currently serving in the NATO Battlegroup in Lithuania.

At the official website from the Ministry of Defensie:


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