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Apr 2 2020

JFCBS Covid-19 Staff update 02 April 2020

Brunssum, the Netherlands, Thursday 2 April 2020

Further steps have been implemented at JFCBS over the last two days in order to maintain operational readiness in the face of COVID-19 and the protection of all staff. Due to security reasons, messaging that includes statistics will no longer be published.

In responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, NATO continues to deliver credible and effective deterrence and defence. Our ability to conduct operations has not been affected, our forces remain ready, and our crucial work goes on. From the start of the outbreak, NATO has implemented robust measures to limit the spread of the virus and minimise risks to our personnel, their families and the communities they serve.

NATO military medical staffs remain vigilant and are monitoring for any impact on NATO forces deployed on operations. Utilising pre-existing processes and communications links, NATO has quickly become a hub of mutual support and best practice. As part of the Alliance’s work to strengthen resilience, we have been working alongside Allies for many years to enhance preparedness across the whole of government, including in the health sector. We are reaping the benefits of that work now as can be seen by the following examples (these are just 2 of many):

  • Polish soldiers have been delivering essential supplies to elderly residents as well as contributing medical staff to assist Italy.
  • Within the Netherlands Marines have built a pavilion at a medical centre to enable accommodation for more patients.

Allies continue to stand together and support each other in this pandemic, through different NATO arrangements, as well as bilaterally. Armed forces across the Alliance continue to play an essential role in supporting national civilian efforts.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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