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Internship Information



Our Organisation

Head Quarter Joint Force Command Brunssum (HQ JFCBS) is one of two operational-level military Headquarters (HQs) in NATO – the other being JFC Naples.

Joint Force Command Brunssum provides a Joint (Land, Air, Maritime) headquarters to plan, prepare and conduct operations to support NATO’s core tasks, at the Operational level, as directed by SACEUR. JFCBS launches twice a year a call for Interns.

Through its internship programme, JFCBS is aiming at introducing students from different backgrounds into different areas within the organisation.

The internship programme shall be beneficial to both the intern and NATO.

As an Intern you will gain an understanding of an international organisation while substantiating your CV and to JFCBS you will be an additional resource of professional experience and knowledge.

Also an Intern you will contribute to our NATO mission: building peace and security for one billion people in Europe and North America.

The working language in the headquarters is English.

Our HQ is located in Brunssum in the most southern part of the Netherlands.

Our staff is composed of military and civilian professionals from within NATO member and partner nations.

Our Internship Programme

The JFCBS Internship Programme has four main objectives:

 To provide interns with an opportunity to learn from the JFCBS community and gain a thorough understanding of the organisation and NATO in general.

 To contribute to creating a more diverse workforce in the future through encouraging Divisions/Offices to take on interns of different nationalities, origins and backgrounds with a view, in the mid to long-term, to providing JFCBS with a younger and more diverse pool of potential future job applicants.

 To provide JFCBS with access to the contemporary academic, theoretical and technical knowledge that the interns can apply through practical work assignments.

 To expand understanding of NATO in Alliance countries by having interns return to their countries and/or universities after completing the internship and share their experience, as well as to help NATO branding by being an Ambassador of JFCBS specific and NATO in general.

We are especially interested in facilitating Internships -over a set period of time- in (one of) the following fields of expertise:

 Engineering

 Finance

 Human Resources

 Information Technology

 International Relations

 Legad

 Media / Journalism

 Political science

 Web / Graphic Design.

Our Internship opportunities

Specific details on Internship opportunities related to the fields of expertise listed above will be advertised on this website page www.jfcbs.nato.int/contact. This advertisement will include details of the recruiting JFCBS Division/Branch and the specific requirements, start and duration for that internship. Applications not related to a specific advertisement will not be accepted.

Internship placements are not linked to any further employment contract with NATO. In order to be employed by us in a different capacity, you will need to go through a competitive recruitment process. Please have it in mind when you decide to accept an internship placement with us.

HQ JFCBS will launch twice a year a call for internships.

The call in April is for internships to start in February of following year, the call in November is for internships to start in September of following year.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a JFCBS internship, you must meet at least all the following eligibility criteria, you are:

 Citizen of one of the 29 NATO member Nations.

 Enrolled in an education programme.

o at an accredited educational establishment,

o for at least twenty hours of lessons per week or equivalent credits,

o at vocational level or academic level,

o of which the internship is an integral part and must continue to be enrolled for the complete duration of the internship. Therefor you shall provide a duly signed School / University agreement approving the internship application and confirming that the internship is part of the education.

 Proficient in English language, oral and written.

 At least 16 years at the time of application.

Only applications fulfilling all the eligibility criteria will be taken into further consideration.

Qualified and Suitable

Once after further consideration (which might include testing and interviews) you have been selected as qualified and suitable to fulfil the advertised internship opportunity, it is required as conditional to the next step in the process

 That JFCBS has received your relevant security clearance certificate from the government of the country or countries of which you are a national. Or otherwise if mentioned in the advertisement.

 The clearance application process can only start once you have been informed that you are selected as qualified and suitable for an internship. In average the time needed for national authorities to complete the investigation and provide the requested clearance is 6 months. We will assist you in the application procedure. Please note that any costs related to the application of a Security Clearance or Certificate of Conduct are to be covered by the potential Intern themselves.

 Once selected, you need to provide

 a copy of your (parent’s) Liability Insurance Contract.

 a copy of your valid (residence) permit or a declaration of registration: https://ind.nl/en

 your Dutch Citizen Service Number: https://www.government.nl/topics/personal-data/citizen-service-number-bsn



Interns will receive a monthly financial gross compensation -under Dutch law. This amount is taxable and shall be stipulated in the internship advertisement and agreement.

Facilities at JFCBS

Please visit https://www.jfcbrunssum.com/ for more information on our facilities

Internship Contract

Notwithstanding the above, the paramount consideration in the appointment of every intern shall be the necessity of securing the highest standards of diligence, competence, and integrity.

Our Internship Contract is under Dutch law and has to be signed by the Intern, the educational establishment and JFCBS.

Your application (once internship opportunities are advertised)

You are invited to apply by

1. Completing the application form in the NATO Talent Acquisition Platform (NTAP) using following link: https://nato.taleo.net/careersection/5/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en

2. Add a motivation letter as attachment to the application in NTAP:

this one page essay should include your motivation, your learning objectives and expectations with respect to our advertised internship.

All applications will be assessed by the advertising Division / Branch, and all candidates will be informed on the outcome.

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