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Chief of Staff

Lieutenant General Jean-Pierre Perrin

Lieutenant General Jean-Pierre Perrin enrolled at the French Military Academy of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan in 1985. Graduating as an engineer in material sciences, he chose to serve in the marine infantry.

Following initial training at the Infantry School, in Montpellier, (1988-1989), he served as a Lieutenant in the 3rd Airborne Marine Infantry Regiment (3ème RPIMa), in Carcassonne. As a combat platoon leader, he deployed three times to Chad and twice to Rwanda.

In 1992, he was assigned to the 2nd Airborne Marine Infantry Regiment on Reunion Island. Upon his return to 3èmeRPIMa in 1994 as a combat company commander, he deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995-1996), then twice more to Chad.

In 1999, he earned a place at the Sorbonne Graduate School of Journalism & Communications from where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Corporate Communication. Following successful completion of French Joint Staff Course in 2001, he was appointed as Chief Operations and Training at the 3ème RPIMa. In this role he deployed to Afghanistan, for the first time, in 2003.

Following service at the Army Staff he was assigned, in 2006, to the French Forces Joint Staff in Djibouti as Chief Operations Division. Returning to France, he commanded 3ème RPIMa from June 2008 to July 2010. In this capacity, he deployed for the second time to Afghanistan, this time as Commander of the French Combined Taskforce from September 2008 to February 2009. In 2010, he attended the Centre for Higher Military Studies before an assignment to the Armed Forces General Staff.

In June 2015, he was again deployed to Chad, this time as Deputy to the Commanding General of the Barkhane Force where he oversaw military partnership with the armed forces of the G5 Sahel countries. Returning to Paris, he was assigned as the Head of office at the Army Staff Strategy and Studies. Promoted to Brigadier General in July 2017, he became Deputy Director of Studies and Policy for the Army’s Human Resources Directorate. In August 2018, he was appointed Commander of the French Forces in Gabon, in charge of military partnership with 11 Central African countries within his area of responsibility.

Promoted to Major General in July 2021, he served as the Eurocorps Chief of Staff from September 2021 to July 2023. Upon promotion to Lieutenant General, in August 2023, he assumed his current appointment as Chief of Staff of Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum.

Lieutenant General Jean-Pierre Perrin was appointed an Officer of the Légion d’honneur, Commander of the National Order of Merit and is a holder of the Cross for Military Valor with three distinctions. He is married to Laurence and they have five grown up children.

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