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NATO exercise Brilliant Jump 2016 Deploy Exercise


Brunssum, the Netherlands – Exercise BRILLIANT JUMP 2016 phase II (Deployex – deployment exercise) will take place in the period 17-27 May 2016 in several locations in Poland, with the aim of training the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) to quickly deploy to an assigned area of operations following the activation of the NATO Response Force (NRF). 

The exercise, led by the Allied Joint Force Command in Brunssum, will see elements of the VJTF Land component for 2016, consisting of the Spanish Brigade ‘BRILAT’, supported by a UK Battalion and an Albanian Company, relocate from their permanent bases to the designated ports and airports of embarkation, in order to rapidly deploy where needed. 

This exercise is designed to practice planning, coordination and execution of the deployment of VJTF-Land elements, from their home location in Spain to the Zagan Military Training Area in Poland, in a time-critical response manner, in order to be ready for employment in the shortest time. Therefore starting from 17 May NATO troops and vehicles will move from the Szczecin port and the Wroclaw airport (being the assigned port and airport of disembarkation, respectively), as well as across the South-eastern Polish borders, towards the assigned training area in Zagan. 

Also participating in the exercise with key-roles in command and control as well as in coordination and support: NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (Spain), Multinational Corps North-East (Poland), NATO Force Integration Unit (Poland) and several military Headquarters and units within Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom and Albania. 

A Distinguished Visitors/Media Day is planned for 25th May 2016 in the Wroclaw airport and the Zagan Military Training Area, with live integration training and briefings illustrating the phases of the reception and staging, onward movement, integration and deployment of the VJTF-Land. 

The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) is composed of a land brigade - supported by air, sea and Special Forces - and is capable of deploying at very short notice when the sovereignty of any member of the Alliance is under threat. The VJTF is established on a rotational basis and throughout 2016 it will be led by Spain with the 7th Light Infantry Brigade “Galicia” being its core. 

Brilliant Jump 2016 - Deployex is the third in a series of four exercises taking place in Poland - it follows the alert phase of Brilliant Jump and exercise Trident Joust, both conducted last month, and precedes Brilliant Capability (29 May – 3 June) – all designed to prove the concept of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan (RAP) as one of the most important outcomes of the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales, prior to the upcoming 8-9 July Summit in Warsaw.

A NATO Exercise Media Information Centre (NMIC) will be established in Swietoszow (Poland) from 17 to 26 May 2016. 

The detailed schedule with media opportunities will be available in the next days on our website. A Distinguished Visitors/Media Day is planned for 25 May 2016 in the Wroclaw airport and the Zagan Military Training Area (Poland). Details on the program, which will include a joint press conference, will be released in due time with a Media Advisory. 

Registration required: All media willing to attend the forementioned Media Day must submit the attached accreditation request to pao@jfcbs.nato.int NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 11 MAY 2016. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered. 

Accreditation forms are also available online. 

Journalists applying for media access to Exercise Brilliant Jump 2016 must provide: 

  • Valid passport or ID card; 
  • A valid press ID card. 

Brilliant Jump 2016 NMIC contacts: 

E-mail: nrf2016pao@gmail.com 

A telephone contact will be available starting from 17 May on our website. 

Requests for information prior to the establishment of the NATO Exercise Media Information Centre should be made to: 

Public Affairs Office 

Joint Force Command Brunssum, the Netherlands 

Tel: +31(0) 45 526 3020 

Tel: +31(0) 45 526 3485 (Lt. Col. Marco SCHMIDL) 

E-mail: pao@jfcbs.nato.int 

For more information visit: 

JFCBS website: www.jfcbs.nato.int 

Brilliant Jump 2016 page: www.jfcbs.nato.int/page5735825/brilliant-jump-2016 

NATO website: www.nato.int 

SHAPE website: www.shape.nato.int

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