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The NORTHERN STAR is a publication, published with the assistance of 't Swarte Schaap, in co-operation with and at no cost to HQ JFC Brunssum.
Opinions herein do not necessarily reflect official NATO or HQ JFC Brunssum policy. The appearance of advertisements, including inserts, does not constitute endorsement by NATO or HQ JFC Brunssum of the products or services offered. Deadline for articles, advertisements and photographs is on the Monday at close of business prior to the week of publication.

To place an advertisement in the Northern Star, please call 't Swarte Schaap and ask for:
Rob Schaap
Sint Franciscusweg 36-3, 6417
BD Heerlen
The Netherlands
telephone:+31 (0)45 571 61 16,
e-mail: rob@tswarteschaap.nl

Submissions to the Northern Star can be made to room J2.06, Bldg. H 106 or e-mailed to pao@jfcbs.nato.int . Articles should be in Microsoft Word format and, whenever possible, should be no longer than 300 words. Photographs should be at least 9x6 centimetres and 300 dpi. The Northern Star is published 6 times a year.

For more information, call ext. 2687 or+31 (0)45 526 26 87.
The editor reserves the right to edit submissions.

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