Gender in Operation Seminar

Dec 12, 2014

10-11 December, JFC Brunssum hosted its first Gender in Operations Seminar, in cooperation with the Nordic Centre of Gender in Military Operations (NCGM).
The seminar aim was to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of conflict on men, women, boys and girls from a gender perspective; the practical implementation of UNSCR 1325 Women, Peace and Security was also a central theme.  Directed towards senior leaders and gender focal points, the seminar provided a platform to highlight how careful consideration a gender perspective can increase operational effect and has the potential to contribute to mission success.
The Nordic Centre of Gender in Military Operations (NCGM), NATO’s Department Head concerning Gender, delivered a tailored version of their Key Leader Seminar curriculum, providing lectures and introducing topics for discussion.  The NCGM was supported by two subject matter experts from the Swedish Special Operations Forces with a background on practical experience through their deployment in Afghanistan.  Discussion themes included: the need to address Conflict-Related Sexual Violence; the Operational understanding of gender and its potential mission impact; and the importance of integrating a gender perspective in the planning, assessment, monitoring, reporting and training processes.
NATO is committed to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and a gender perspective policy throughout the organization.  This is an ongoing process that has the potential to significantly impact NATO operations in a positive way.
Commander Jan Dunmurray, Commanding Officer NCGM, stated: "In hosting this first ‘Gender in Operations Seminar’ at the operational level of military command, JFC Brunssum has taken a leading role in recognising and promoting the importance of gender issues in operations.  This clearly demonstrates senior leadership commitment.  I see this seminar as a role model to be replicated at other NATO headquarters.”


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