General Domrőse Attends ISAF/Resolute Support Transition Ceremony in Kabul

Dec 28, 2014
Sunday 28 December General Hans-Lothar Domrőse, Commander JFC Brunssum, attended the formal ISAF/Resolute Support Transition Ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Although the 13-year International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission does not officially end until midnight 31 December the ceremony marked the end of NATO’s longest combat mission.  That said, there should be no doubt that NATO remains firmly committed to Afghanistan and it’s new mission – a train, assist, advise mission called Resolute Support – that is ready to start in Afhanistan on 01 January 2015.  As he rolled up the green and white ISAF flag and unfurled the flag of the new international mission, General John Campbell (Commander ISAF) said: ‘Resolute Support will serve as the bedrock of an enduring partnership between NATO and Afghanistan.’     
During his remarks General Domrőse, the out-of theatre NATO Operational ISAF Commander, recounted the history of the ISAF mission and underscored the tremendous achievements that have been made but stressed, ‘we must never forget that many have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving their nations in Afghanistan.’  The ISAF goal was a simple one, the General stated, ‘to provide the Afghan people with a safer and more prosperous way of life’ and, by any measure, that has been achieved.
26 NATO allies and 14 partner nations are providing troops to Resolute Support – a solid indication of continued international community and Alliance commitment.  As Afghanistan now enters the so-called ‘Transformation Decade’ NATO and the international community will continue to work alongside Afghan partners to ensure a safer, increasingly prosperous and stable Afghanistan; an Afghanistan equipped to be able to determine its own future.
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