JFC Brunssum Hosts International Organisation / Non-Governmental Organisation / Governmental Organisation Conference

Dec 18, 2014
17 and 18 December Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum hosted an Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 introduction seminar with International Organization, Non-Governmental Organization and Governmental Organization (IO/NGO/GO) partners.  
In his opening remarks General Hans-Lothar Domröse, Commander JFC Brunssum, emphasized that experience drawn from the conduct of missions serves to underscore the fact that the military cannot establish a sustainable peace on their own.  In a mission the General said: ‘the military sets the conditions for others to do their work, amongst others, in the fields of reconstruction, education, the rule of law, infrastructure and the provision of basic needs such as clean water, food and healthcare.’ 
One of the main steps on the road to the NATO Response Force (NRF) certification exercise, Trident Juncture 2015, is the establishment of strong links with the IO/NGO/GO community such that their views can be taken into consideration at each stage, from exercise planning to exercise execution.  This aids the delivery of mission success via the use of a truly comprehensive approach.
A number of organizations that participated in the conference have already expressed their intent to participate in Trident Juncture 2015.  Encouragingly most of these participated in Exercise Trident Joust 2014, conducted in Bydgoszcz Poland and, as a result, bring valuable experience with them that will help shape their contributions.
Exercise Trident Juncture 2015, incorporating circa 30 000 troops, will be conducted in Italy, Portugal and Spain towards the end of next year and will be the largest exercise NATO has executed in recent times.

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