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Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan

DCOS SA/CSTC-A trains, advises, and assists within Afghan security institutions to develop resource management capability, Inspector General and rule of law capability, and provides resources in accordance with the Afghan National Defense Security Forces requirements while ensuring fiscal oversight and accountability of funds and materiel delivered. CSTC-A is focused on helping Afghanistan develop a sustainable, effective and affordable ANDSF in support of the Afghan Government.

CSTC-A operates throughout Afghanistan and is responsible for several essential functions and key capabilities. These include:

Essential Function 1: Planning, Programming Budgeting and Execution: Establishing a base of knowledge in the key fundamental skills needed to raise and sustain effective Afghan security institutions.

Essential Function 2: Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight: Setting conditions for public trust to flourish in a responsive and accountable government.

Essential Function 3: Civilian governance of the Afghan security institutions (to include rule of law): Restore trust and confidence in a government that serves and protects its people.

Essential Function 5: Sustainment – ensuring today's gains are lasting and that troops are properly equipped to meet challenges.

Combined Joint-8 (Resources): Provide budget formulation, execution, and analysis to support the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund with adequate controls and oversight, and utilize Afghan National Army Trust Fund donations in support of the ANA.

SAO-Security Assistance Office: Coordinate acquisition, transportation, and end-use monitoring of the Afghan Security Forces Fund procured equipment for the Ministries of Interior and Defense; as well as training funded by ASFF or International Military Education and Training.

Contracting Enabling Cell: Plans and integrates ASFF contract actions by facilitating national procurement reform through train, advise, and assist and synergistic actions that are enabled by multilateral collaboration among coalition and Afghan procurement offices.

CJ-Engineer: Provide train, advise, and assist efforts for Afghan partners in providing quality facilities and sustainment functions, and develop infrastructure and divestiture programs. Also complete develop facility ENGR capacity and advise on energy initiatives

Counter-IED: Coordinate, synchronize and advise implementation of counter-IED initiatives and provide train, advise, assist assets to the ANDSF.

Capabilities Development Directorate: Evaluate all tashkil requirements and inform ANDSF decisions to lock in bills and bill payers that support future success and provide clarity for budgeting and procurement.

Afghan Personnel and Pay System (APPS): Advise the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces on integrating and automating all aspects of human capital management to make the ANDSF more sustainable, affordable and effective.

ISR CIC (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities Integration Cell): Works with the Ministries of Defense and Interior to determine ISR requirements, and trains, advises and assists the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces on implementation and sustainment of the equipment and technology.

Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America.


Lieutenant General E. John Deedrick Jr.

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