Brigadier General Beniamino Vergori

Brigadier General Beniamino Vergori was born on 24 May 1969 and grew up in Lecce, Italy. He joined the Italian Army in 1988, attending the Military Academy and the School of Applied Military Studies until 1993. He was commissioned as infantry officer in 1990. Later, he served as paratroopers Platoon Leader and Company Commander at 187th paratroopers Regiment, Commander of the 2nd Battalion/187th paratroopers Regiment, and lately 186th paratroopers Regiment Commander.

By starting from 06 September 2019, Brigadier General Beniamino Vergori is the FOLGORE Airborne Brigade Commander. As a Staff Officer, he served as Staff Officer in G3 OPS Branch (2001-2005), and as Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (2010), and then as Military Assistant to the Commander of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Italy Headquarters (NRDC-ITA HQ) (2011-2014). He served a 3-year tour of duty at the SUPREME HEADQUARTERS ALLIED POWERS EUROPE (SHAPE), serving as Executive Officer to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCOS OPS, SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium (2006-2009). He served as the FOLGORE Airborne Brigade Chief of Staff (April 2018-July 2019). He was deployed to Somalia as part of the United Nations Operation in Somalia II (UNOSOM II), serving as Platoon Leader, as part of the Italian Contingent in Balad first and then in Mogadishu (1993-1994). Then, he deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina twice as part of the Implementation Force (IFOR) and the Stabilisation Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SFOR), serving as 2nd in Command (2IC) first and then as paratroopers Company Commander, as part of the Italian Contingent in Sarajevo (1995-96 and 1999-2000). He also deployed to Albania as part of Alba Operation (ALBA) led by Italy, serving as paratroopers Company Commander (1997). He deployed to Afghanistan twice, as part of Enduring Freedom Operation serving as Ground Planning Officer embedded in the U.S. Combined Joint Task Force - 180 Headquarters (CJTF-180 HQ), CJ5 Plans Division (2003), and as Executive Officer (EXO) to Chief of Staff (COS) International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) (2013-2014). He deployed to Libya as part of Hippocrates Operation led by Italy, serving as Commander of Task Force Security (February-August 2017). Finally, he deployed to Lebanon as part of Combined Joint Task Force Lebanon Sector West (CJTF-SW), serving as Chief of Staff (October 2017-April 2018). Brigadier General VERGORI's awards and decorations include a Bronze Cross at the Merit of the Army, the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Knight), the "Mauriziana" Medal, the Bronze Medal for Airborne activity, the Golden Service Medal, the Medal of Long Command, the commemorative Medal for Public Disaster and Relief Operations, the commemorative Medal for Safeguarding of free Institutions and Maintenance of Public Order, a NATO Meritorious Service Medal, two U.S. Meritorious Service Medals (U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army), the UN commemorative medal for Somalia and Lebanon, the NATO commemorative medals for Bosnia Herzegovina and Afghanistan. Additionally, he was awarded with the Italian commemorative medals for operations in Somalia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Libya and Lebanon. 

He owns bachelor degrees in Strategic Sciences (University of Turin), Political Sciences (University of Turin), and International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Trieste). He also earned Master degrees in Strategic Sciences (University of Turin), International Studies (University of Rome), and Strategic Studies (Carlisle, Pennsylvania University - Pennsylvania, PA (U.S.)). He is a graduate of the Italian Command and Staff College (2000), Italian Joint Staff College (2005), U.S. Army War College (2015). 

Brigadier General Beniamino Vergori is married to Antonella and they have 2 children: Davide (12) and Claudia (8).

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