The live part of Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2015 – the most ambitious NATO exercise since 2002 - will take place at several locations within Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries, and afloat in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean (see map) during the period 21 October – 05 November. The exercise will involve some 36,000 Land, Maritime and Air personnel from more than 30 NATO and Partner Nations.
Three different Distinguished Visitors Days, focusing on the three main domains of this joint/combined exercise, are scheduled, as follows:
  • 19 October: Opening Ceremony and Air demonstration in Trapani (Italy)
  • 4 November: Land demonstration in Zaragoza/San Gregorio (Spain)
  • 5 November: Maritime and Amphibious demonstration in Troja/Lisbon (Portugal)
Media representatives who wish to participate in one or more of the DV Days and/or specific Land, Maritime or Air activities, are invited to sign up for accreditation by completing one or more of the respective forms, below, these forms have to be filled out by each member of the team. MAKE SURE ALL THE BOXES ARE COMPLETED. If the form fails to send it will be because one or more boxes are not filled correctly. These boxes will be marked with a red sign " * ".
For land and air activities we will provide a media escort whilst you are on location.
For maritime activities, depending on the periods of interest, we will investigate the possibility of embarking media on one of the available units.



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